What does the MoistureFree Stucco Warranty cover?

The warranty provides payment for repairs related to the stucco if elevated moisture levels are found during the term of the warranty. It pays to modify or repair the affected area so it can be dry again. How can I purchase a warranty? The home must be inspected by a qualified moisture inspector following the MoistureFree Warranty Inspection Protocol. The inspection report then should be submitted to Moisture Warranty Corporation (MWC) for review along with a warranty application form that has been completed by the inspector. MWC professionals will prepare a Certified Repair Analysis (CRA) on the home which details what needs to be done to the home to make it eligible for the warranty. Once these items have been completed, a second inspection is performed to verify repairs have been completed and are correct, and the warranty is issued.

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  1. I need an inspector to look at a house I am considering buying. Who are the ones approved by your warranty plan? If the house passes or needs repairs, I would like to follow through with your warranty plan.

    How much is the insurance/plan?

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