Stucco Home Warranty Benefits

MoistureFree Stucco Home Warranty Homeowner Benefits:

  • Fully Transferable – new owners automatically receive the benefit of any remaining warranty protection on the home, and there are no transfer fees.
  • Up to 5 Years of Warranty Protection – 1, 3, and 5-Year Warranties are available.
  • Renewable Coverage – Following re-certification, coverage can be extended up to 5 years and can be renewed indefinitely upon re-certification.
  • No Excessive Repairs Required – The MoistureFree Warranty does not require homeowners to make unnecessary repairs to their home. Our friendly staff at Moisture Warranty Corporation assist homeowners every day with understanding what modifications are necessary, and advise them on typical costs for these repairs.
  • Affordable Cost and Payment Terms – The MoistureFree Warranty offers reasonable pricing, combined with flexible payment terms, that makes it simple and affordable to get warranty protection.
  • Warranty on Repair Contractors Work – After modifications are made to a home and verified through inspection, a MoistureFree Warranty can be purchased to satisfy the homeowner about the quality of work done to repair the home. If a repair fails, thereby allowing moisture intrusion during the term of the warranty, Moisture Warranty Corporation pays to have it repaired.
  • Selling Your Home Later – If you decide to sell your home at some future point, real estate professionals can use the MoistureFree Warranty to help close the sale of a home that may otherwise have been difficult to sell.
  • Helps Protect The Home – Since the MoistureFree Warranty requires an inspection to be issued, the home may be saved from costly damage that may have gone undetected.

2 thoughts on “Stucco Home Warranty Benefits

  1. I have put an offer on a home that is 6 yrs old and had the home inspection yesterday. The problem found was with cracking around windows, lath was rusting through, hollow sound went banging the side of stucco wall, top to bottom where stucco met brick structure there was a gap of 1/8 to 1/4. Caulking has been done around windows. The rear deck did not have proper flange under deck where meets the house wall.
    Can you recommend a qualified stucco inspector in the Red Hill area of Penna, zipcode 18076? Should I the buyer make this request or the seller thank you for your assistance.

    • Glenn –

      Kudos to your home inspector for being thorough and referring you to an inspector that specializes in stucco. I would be happy to provide you some inspector names in your area and more information about our warranty qualification process. It does not matter who makes the request for inspection, but that person will be the one paying for the inspection. Typically in a transaction scenario, the seller pays for inspection costs.

      Give us a call, or you can email me directly @

      Claire Hammett

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