MoistureFree Warranty is the nation’s most trusted name in stucco home protection. Our popularity has grown nationwide as Realtors and homeowners throughout the country with stucco homes realize that having a MoistureFree Warranty is a smart solution. Over the past few years, stucco homes have been highlighted and stigmatized as being “problem homes”. In some cases the stucco is not an issue but, in many cases there are moisture related problems. The problems may have been caused by; improper building techniques, inadequate window design or improper stucco installation. Therefore, buyers, sellers and homeowners wanting a piece of mind choose a MoistureFree Home Warranty for their protection.

Across the country there is an increase of moisture problems related to residential homes. MoistureFree Warranty’s staff have over 30 years of experience in identifying & cost effectively solving moisture problems in building structures.

These experts are here to help you understand how the warranty can help your specific needs as well as guide you through the simple process to obtain a warranty. The process consists of inspecting, repairing, and protecting your stucco home (using third-party, highly-trained moisture inspectors and repair contractors). The value of this expertise to the homeowner (or Realtor) is priceless.