MoistureFree Stucco Warranty

MoistureFree Warranty is the nation’s most trusted name in stucco home protection. Our popularity has grown nationwide as Realtors and homeowners throughout the country with stucco homes realize that having a MoistureFree Warranty is a smart solution. Over the past few years, stucco homes have been highlighted and stigmatized as being “problem homes”. In some cases the stucco is not an issue but, in many cases there are moisture related problems. The problems may have been caused by; improper building techniques, inadequate window design or improper stucco installation. Therefore, buyers, sellers and homeowners wanting a piece of mind choose a MoistureFree Home Warranty for their protection.

Across the country there is an increase of moisture problems related to residential homes. MoistureFree Warranty’s staff have over 30 years of experience in identifying & cost effectively solving moisture problems in building structures.

These experts are here to help you understand how the warranty can help your specific needs as well as guide you through the simple process to obtain a warranty. The process consists of inspecting, repairing, and protecting your stucco home (using third-party, highly-trained moisture inspectors and repair contractors). The value of this expertise to the homeowner (or Realtor) is priceless.

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  1. Fully cement stuccoed 3700 sq ft home in Southern New Jersey. Would like to know cost of insurance policy and how and what is covered.

    • Hi Veronica, thank you for your interest in the MoistureFree stucco warranty program.

      Here is the information about the MoistureFree Stucco Warranty.

      If you click the link below you can download our warranty information. You will find our Warranty Process, Pricing, Certified Repair Analysis (CRA) Services, and a Sample Warranty in this file. Warranty Plans and Pricing are on page 6. There are several different warranty plans available.

      Click the link below.

      MoistureFree Warranty Information and Pricing



      Brad Coates
      Moisture Warranty Corporation
      800.400.8679 ext. 172
      704-439-3104 direct
      Fax: 704-896-3426

  2. Do you serve Chester Springs, PA area?

    Would you be able to ball park a policy cost for a house about 3500 Sq ft. Has Vinyl on both sides and back, Stucco in front. House value is in 500-550k.

    What is the estimate for 1 yr/5yr/10 yrs ?


    • Hello, thank you for your inquiry about our stucco warranty. Yes we do serve the Chester Springs, PA area.
      There are many different levels of warranty coverage available for your property. Please reference this pdf file for all warranty pricing.
      Please note that if the property is a “Hard Coat” system you will need to add $300.00 to the price shown on the warranty pricing page 6 of this pdf file. There is a one-sided / Front only column in the pricing chart.

      Click the link below or copy the link and paste it into your web browser.

      Stucco warranty pricing is located on page 6.

  3. Yes we service Chapin, SC area. We write stucco warranties nationwide. We have certified stucco inspectors and certified stucco repair contractors throughout the US. We do not perform any inspections or repairs, we rely on trained professionals for our warranty purposes. It would be a major conflict of interest if we were to inspect, repair, and warrant our own work.

    Hope this helps.

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