Stucco Guarantee or Bond

A stucco inspection and repair company provides a guarantee and an estimate of about $8,000 to a stucco homeowner that had his house for sale. In fine print, nearly $13,000 in additional repairs are mentioned, but represented as “only necessary if the areas are found to be moisture damaged.” The moisture inspection already showed these areas to be “soft” meaning the area had, at the least, damaged substrate wood. The open-ended contract is sold to the unsuspecting stucco customer, but the actual repair bill is over $21,000. This scam has been pulled on hundreds of unsuspecting homeowners. Stucco sellers and buyers …. Beware!

What does the MoistureFree Stucco Warranty cover?

The warranty provides payment for repairs related to the stucco if elevated moisture levels are found during the term of the warranty. It pays to modify or repair the affected area so it can be dry again. How can I purchase a warranty? The home must be inspected by a qualified moisture inspector following the MoistureFree Warranty Inspection Protocol. The inspection report then should be submitted to Moisture Warranty Corporation (MWC) for review along with a warranty application form that has been completed by the inspector. MWC professionals will prepare a Certified Repair Analysis (CRA) on the home which details what needs to be done to the home to make it eligible for the warranty. Once these items have been completed, a second inspection is performed to verify repairs have been completed and are correct, and the warranty is issued.

Why is a MoistureFree Stucco Warranty needed?

There are a variety of issues surrounding synthetic and hardcoat stucco homes – the negative stigma associated with stucco homes and a reluctance by agents to buy or sell stucco homes are just two. Many of the issues can be mitigated by having a MoistureFree Warranty protecting the home. A MoistureFree Warranty on the home will preserve the home’s value, protect all parties in a stucco sales transaction, and give buyers the peace of mind they need to purchase a stucco home.

Stucco Homes In Georgia

In Georgia , there is only one moisture warranty approved by the Georgia Department of Insurance – the nationally-recognized MoistureFree Warranty. There are no stucco bonds in the State of Georgia . You may verify this for yourself by calling Joe Murphy at the Georgia Department of Insurance (404.657.9606).

MoistureFree Stucco Warranty spent months and thousands of dollars to be in compliance with the Georgia Department of Insurance. Beware of companies or individuals purporting to offer a stucco bond or a stucco warranty in the State of Georgia . There are absolutely no stucco bonds, and the only approved moisture warranty is the MoistureFree Warranty.

Some contractors will tell you they are offering a “bond” or a “warranty” when in reality they are offering a “guarantee” on their work. This guarantee is backed by the repair contractor on his work only, not the entire stucco system as is covered by the MoistureFree Stucco Warranty, and that guarantee only has the backing of the repair contractor who may not have the intent or capacity to bank it up. (Plus, why should a stucco homeowner pay a repair contractor to guarantee his work? Shouldn’t this be something he offers as part of doing the work on a home?) The MoistureFree Warranty has the solid backing from a national, financially-strong company.

Benefits Overview:

  1. Covers the entire stucco system, not just repaired areas.
  2. Backed by a division of Residential Warranty Corporation, a company with over 25 years of home warranty experience.
  3. Only national warranty program for EIFS and stucco homes.
  4. Recognized and accepted by many insurance and relocation companies.
  5. Helps the homeowner qualify and control repair costs by only requiring the necessary repairs determined by an unbiased third party.
  6. Only moisture warranty approved by the Georgia Department of Insurance.

The MoistureFree Warranty offers warranty protection of up to five years and is renewable and transferable to a new homeowner. Warranties can be renewed indefinitely upon recertification.

Protect your home with the only moisture warranty approved by the Georgia Department of Insurance the MoistureFree Warranty. Call us today at 800-400-8679.

Stucco Home Warranty Benefits

MoistureFree Stucco Home Warranty Homeowner Benefits:

  • Fully Transferable – new owners automatically receive the benefit of any remaining warranty protection on the home, and there are no transfer fees.
  • Up to 5 Years of Warranty Protection – 1, 3, and 5-Year Warranties are available.
  • Renewable Coverage – Following re-certification, coverage can be extended up to 5 years and can be renewed indefinitely upon re-certification.
  • No Excessive Repairs Required – The MoistureFree Warranty does not require homeowners to make unnecessary repairs to their home. Our friendly staff at Moisture Warranty Corporation assist homeowners every day with understanding what modifications are necessary, and advise them on typical costs for these repairs.
  • Affordable Cost and Payment Terms – The MoistureFree Warranty offers reasonable pricing, combined with flexible payment terms, that makes it simple and affordable to get warranty protection.
  • Warranty on Repair Contractors Work – After modifications are made to a home and verified through inspection, a MoistureFree Warranty can be purchased to satisfy the homeowner about the quality of work done to repair the home. If a repair fails, thereby allowing moisture intrusion during the term of the warranty, Moisture Warranty Corporation pays to have it repaired.
  • Selling Your Home Later – If you decide to sell your home at some future point, real estate professionals can use the MoistureFree Warranty to help close the sale of a home that may otherwise have been difficult to sell.
  • Helps Protect The Home – Since the MoistureFree Warranty requires an inspection to be issued, the home may be saved from costly damage that may have gone undetected.

MoistureFree Stucco Warranty

MoistureFree Warranty is the nation’s most trusted name in stucco home protection. Our popularity has grown nationwide as Realtors and homeowners throughout the country with stucco homes realize that having a MoistureFree Warranty is a smart solution. Over the past few years, stucco homes have been highlighted and stigmatized as being “problem homes”. In some cases the stucco is not an issue but, in many cases there are moisture related problems. The problems may have been caused by; improper building techniques, inadequate window design or improper stucco installation. Therefore, buyers, sellers and homeowners wanting a piece of mind choose a MoistureFree Home Warranty for their protection.

Across the country there is an increase of moisture problems related to residential homes. MoistureFree Warranty’s staff have over 30 years of experience in identifying & cost effectively solving moisture problems in building structures.

These experts are here to help you understand how the warranty can help your specific needs as well as guide you through the simple process to obtain a warranty. The process consists of inspecting, repairing, and protecting your stucco home (using third-party, highly-trained moisture inspectors and repair contractors). The value of this expertise to the homeowner (or Realtor) is priceless.