2 thoughts on “Stucco Homeowner ?

  1. Our Realtor says we aren’t allowed to look at Stucco homes. She says they are hard to resell and relocation companies refuse to deal with them. I’m familiar with good and bad stucco, but should I be passing on them as a potential new home?

    • I’ve been in the stucco / masonry business for 35 plus years starting off in Tampa where I was born and I was introduced to the EIFS stucco “foam back” soft system 25 years ago here in the metro Atlanta area. The system is a great energy efficent cladding however it does need to be properly sealed around any penetrations in the system and the most important part of keeping moisture out is roof flashings or kick-out diverters. The problem is not only with stucco homes it’s with any home that’s not properly flashed, caulked or painted. EIFS stucco was the one that came into the large metro areas and really hurt the pockets of other exterior claddings product sales and also in turn stucco receive even more bad publicity because of dollars pushed into bad advertisement against stucco to seek to help revive the market of other exterior claddings. Stucco homes that have been properly maintain have no problems and the ones that are not properly maintained will have problems like any exterior cladding or any type of situation. If you don’t change oil in a car it’s going to breakdown, if you don’t take care of your health your going to breakdown. Just keep anything you own in good shape and you won’t have to worry.

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